Europace EAO 103P 5-in-1 Air Fryer!

Air Fryers are really a life-changing invention! We all hate deep frying stuff because it’s messy and also unhealthy (so much oil!), but with air frying, you don’t use any oil at all and there’s no worry of hot oil splattering onto your skin.

Sometime last year, Mario and I bought an entry-level airfryer from Mayer and it served us pretty well, but then we got a new 5-in-1 Air Fryer from Europace (Thank you Europace!!!) and it’s even more amazing because it can not only fry stuff… it also grills, roasts, skewers and bakes! Apparently you can even bake cupcakes in this Europace Air Fryer, but I’ve been too busy to even try that for myself. On top of work, I’m juggling my JNEC 2 exams and wedding in July, plus I’m also working on an exciting project with Arbutus watches (more on that in another post!). So please bear with my infrequent updates. 😦

Anyway, back to the new air fryer! Here’s a picture for comparison – Europace 5-in-1 on the left and our old Mayer on the right:


In the name of research, we decided to fry up some nuggets. We love CP nuggets the most!IMG_5081

The first difference I noticed is the grill stand! The Europace one is higher, and the heat gets distributed more evenly.New10

Second thing is… I can now see what I’m cooking without having to take out the food! This is super helpful because air frying is a bit of trial and error for me. Most food packaging only states conventional frying times, which are different from cooking time in an air fryer, so it takes a bit of experimenting and constant checking on the food (take out, shake a bit, put back in, adjust temperature blah blah) before you figure out the optimum cooking temperature and cooking time in the air fryer.


My nuggets turning golden brown!



We also tried cooking CP gyoza!


Super yummy! One thing I noticed about the Europace Air Fryer is that the food comes out a bit juicier compared to the Mayer. Maybe because it’s a different way of cooking? It uses a halogen bulb and a fan for more even heating, compared to the heated coils used in other air fryers. IMG_5115

Unfortunately our current air frying is limited to popcorn chicken, nuggets and gyoza. We should really try some other recipes to make full use of our 5-in-1 air fryer! I mean… look at some of these suggestions from Europace!


Some more info about the air fryer, taken off the Europace website:


Yes, it comes with a lot of accessories! I can see us using the pizza pan next to grill some teriyaki salmon, mmm… This 5-in-1 air fryer can even eliminate the need for an oven if you can use it to bake! And that rotisserie spit is pure genius – it even turns your food for you while cooking. Gosh. Psst: this air fryer is currently listed at only $199.90 on the Europace website.




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