Review: Hada Labo

Last week we had an event with Hada Labo and we got to keep a set each of the Essence + Hydrating Lotion + Hydrating Lotion (Light). Since it had been a long time since I last used Hada Labo, I decided to take my Canon macro lens out and take before and after pics for comparison.


The photos on top are after I removed my makeup at night and the photos below are after application of the Essence and the Hydrating Lotion, with the signature patting motions. I think my cheeks and skin look rosier in the after pictures because of the patting motions recommended for the Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate more deeply into the skin for greater hydration. Anyway, I think it does look more moisturised because the skin looks smoother and the pores look smaller!

Actually, my first experience with Hada Labo was years ago, probably on my first trip in Japan, because I’d heard about how popular (one sold every 2 seconds) and how good it was for its price. That was when I first bought the Hydrating Lotion and used it with the signature patting motions. Unfortunately I’m super lazy when it comes to skincare so I left my bottle neglected when I got back to Singapore. I literally don’t even wash my face usually, or use any moisturiser. I just clean my face with makeup remover wipes. Sunblock and BB cream is all I usually use these days.

On a separate trip to Japan in winter, my skin started peeling quite badly because it was too dry. I then bought a different product from Hada Labo – because they had a much bigger range of products in Japan with even more intensive hydration to cater to dry skin in winter – it’s a pink pot with a clear jelly that’s called Perfect Gel 3D and that really did wonders to save my skin in winter. I just found out that it’s now available in Singapore and called the Anti-Ageing Gel Moisturiser, a 3-in-one essence, moisturiser and mask. Interesting!

Now that I’m older, I feel like my skin is more dry because I used to think that the Hydrating Lotion was sticky, but when I tried it last night, it was absorbed super quickly into my skin. I really have to be more hardworking and use it religiously from now on!


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