EuropAce Imperial Healthy Cooker Giveaway Result!

Thank you to all who took part in the giveaway!

Congratulations to Pei Qi for winning an Imperial Healthy Cooker, kindly sponsored by EuropAce!

Met up with her at Tampines to pass her the prize!

Also, I’ve been meaning to share so many of our (me and Mario’s) cooking stories, but haven’t gotten round to doing it. Well, enough procrastination! Here’s one of the things we researched: cooking with frozen vs fresh meat!

So, we decided to make bak kut teh with spare ribs – half from frozen meat and half from fresh meat.


Technically, I suppose the fresh meat wasn’t very fresh because it was marked down for quick sale, but I can’t resist a bargain!


Even though the fresh meat was on sale, the frozen meat was still significant cheaper by about 30%. This is why we wanted to investigate – because if frozen meat can taste as good as fresh meat, but costs 30% – 50% less, I would opt for frozen! I’d done some research on the Internet and so many people were in support of using frozen meat that I just had to give it a try.


One thing I really don’t like about these Porkee frozen spare ribs is how they’re cut into cubes, regardless of where the bone is.


Compare that to the fresh meat:


We used one of those instant mixes for the bak kut teh soup, and tossed in some garlic. The result:









We cooked the bak kut teh for 1h 30mins – technically we just dumped it all into the Imperial Healthy Cooker and didn’t need to check on it until we wanted to eat it.

The soup was a little meh but that’s actually because of the quality of the mix – I think we used A1 for this meal. We tried Song Fa bak kut teh mix another day and it was super good, very flavourful soup!

As for the meat – sadly, the fresh meat was more tender than the frozen. We later ran more experiments and discovered that when cooking with frozen meat, we could still get it to be tender and melt in the mouth, but would need to cook it for a longer time.

Verdict: Yes, fresh is always better than frozen… but if you have the time to wait, you can save money and get the same great taste by using frozen meat!

And by the way… chef Mario also cooked other dishes!

BRUSSEL SPROUTS omg super hard to find, and usually quite expensive! I love the nutty flavour of this vegetable!







Stir fry is always quick and easy for busy/lazy people like us!


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