Tokyo: Butayaro (Ochanomizu)

I just got back from Tokyo a couple of days ago and I now have a huge backlog of photos to share, both from this trip and the previous trip! I’m going to try my best to update every couple of days so that I can hopefully clear it all before my next trip in February 😡

Usually, when Mario and I visit Butayaro, we opt for either the small or medium bowl (500yen and 700yen respectively).

This time, however, we decided to try a large bowl (900yen) just to get a nice photo of the generous slices of meat for a comparison. I ordered a small for myself and a large for Mario so we could share the meat.

This was the small bowl (old pic):

And this is the big bowl:



It was so huge I had to have my hand/phone in the picture for scale! There was wayyyyy too much rice though – Mario could only finish less than 2/3 of it. But the pork was simply fantastic, as usual.

Sadly, each time we visit, the queue seems longer. This place is sure getting popular! Good thing the queue moves relatively quickly.

More details on Butayaro – read my previous blog entry!

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