Tokyo: Gran Cyber Cafe b@gus (Shinjuku)

Have you ever heard of Manga Kissas? Otherwise known as Comic Cafes (because they have a lot of comic books you can read) or Internet Cafes, you pay to spend time there and can use their computers, read the comics/magazines, or binge on beverages and ice cream freely!

These cafes are usually open 24/7, so they can be a good budget option if you need a place to crash at night – there are no proper beds/rooms, but you can get a private booth with a sofa and computer and just sleep there for the night. Great especially for travellers coming in to Tokyo late at night!

On our last trip to Japan, we had to move from our hotel to an AirBnb apartment halfway through our trip, and we decided to go to a manga kissa because check out was 11am and check in was 3pm so we had some time to kill in between.

Mario did some research and decided to go for the b@gus chain of manga kissas, even though they may not be the cheapest – but they are certainly nicer and clean too!

We went to the Shinjuku branch, which is bigger!

The pricelist – you’re paying by time spent, and you can opt for open seats, or private booths. Prices are per pax. They have packages for 3/5/8 hours and even overnight packages. You can also use their shower facilities for a small fee.

We opted for a private room for 2 pax, with a sofa seat.

The sofa is just very basic and functional so don’t expect anything luxurious…

The drinks and even soup from the vending machines are all free! And soft-serve ice cream too!

Hot food also available for a fee!

All in all, it was a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t mind spending time there again! Weekend rates are a little higher. We came on a weekday, opted for a 3-hour pack, and paid 2030yen in total, after tax. NOTE that you have to present your passport for them to make a photocopy in order to use the Internet!

They have plenty of branches, so check out more information on their website HERE!


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