My Halloween Nails

Finally posting my Halloween nails, which I loved so much!

Recently, Mario and I did a bit of furniture shopping so as to revamp the workstations in his room (basically so we could work side by side) as well as to create a working area for me in the living room to play with my nail stuff. So I now have a working area that’s super conducive for me to do my own nails or to practice nail art… and in the initial excitement over my new space, I went all out with my Halloween nails!


I’m usually so tired from work that all I want to do when I get home is to laze around a bit and maybe watch some videos on Youtube, surf the internet and so on, so my nails are usually kept super simple. However, this time, I even did sculpture extensions for myself so I could have more room for nail art. Plus, I was a little sick of being careful with my nails (my natural nails are a little thin and chip easily) so extensions would be a lot stronger and less to worry about!


I actually did the nail art over a few days due to time constraints. I started with one nail – the badass punk version of Disney’s Alice, based off a handphone cover artwork I bought two years ago. I’d always wanted it on my nail, but only got round to it now!


On another night, I completed my right hand. I decided that badass Alice needed to do some jail time, hence the prison stripes. Her crime – drug offences, but the police failed to realise that she was also guilty of murder… did they miss the clues from the roses dripping red with blood?


Finally, I completed the right hand (a very torturous process considering that I’m right-handed) with more bloodied roses, and a graveyard scene where Alice’s victim is buried.


On the right thumb I painted the murder weapon – a knife dripping with blood, and the word Mad (part of a quote from Alice in Wonderland – “we’re all mad here”). I think the drugs made her do it.



I had a lot of fun spinning this twisted tale on my nails!


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