ABC Soup by Mario!

Since I’ve been busier at work and Mario is more free these days, he’s been making good use of our EuropAce Imperial Healthy Cooker (renamed!) to cook easy meals for dinner sometimes.

For people like us who love soup, this cooker is the perfect size for making a soup as a main dish for two people!

We’d bought some frozen spare ribs at the Tampines GIANT supermarket, and so Mario decided to use that for soup, together with some random veggies/ingredients from NTUC. The result:


What’s inside: spare ribs, wintermelon, meat balls, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn and cabbage.


The cooker has two tiers – the bottom tier is for placing water (for steaming), and the top tier is where you place your ingredients. The steam from the bottom gets distilled and goes into the top tier, so the ingredients cook without losing their essence/taste, since nothing is lost through evaporation. This also means that the longer you cook, the more water/soup you end up with. Thus, when cooking different recipes, we have to think in terms of how much water we want eventually – which is why soups take 1.5 to 2 hours to cook!


Tastewise, I’m always amazed at how the soups we make using this method can be so tasty without any seasoning/stock. I’ve tried slow cookers, as well as boiling/simmering, and I’ve always ended up having to resort to adding chicken stock cubes because the soups I made didn’t have enough flavour. Plus, we don’t even need to check on the soup’s progress because the cooker does the job and there’s no risk of the ingredients burning at the bottom since no water escapes and there’s always more water being added to the soup due to distillation.

The only problem with this particular ABC soup that Mario made was… there were too many flavours in it and one flavour that didn’t go so well was possibly the cherry tomatoes, making the soup a wee bit sour, while the rest of the ingredients were more sweet/savoury. Next time, we’ll skip the tomatoes!


Chef Mario also made some minced pork scrambled eggs and heated up a can of braised peanuts. Yep, we’re lazy people.


THANK YOU MARIO!!! Homecooked food is the best!


3 thoughts on “ABC Soup by Mario!

  1. jaime says:

    Hi, how did you manage to have so much soup in your ceramic pot? I have tried making soup and even when it goes on for 1.5-2 hours, the level of soup is much lower than whats shown in your picture. Not sure what am i doing wrong. 😞

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