Tokyo: Beard Papa Cream Puffs (Asakusa)

Without fail, I’ve discovered that with all cafes/restaurants/snack bars that originate from Japan but have outlets in Singapore, the food always tastes better in the Japan outlets! I don’t know if it’s because of differences in the ingredients used, the skill of the chefs, or just a general lack of quality control… but it’s been true so far for everything I’ve tried, such as Yoshinoya, St. Marc’s Cafe, Nana’s Green Tea, Ootoya, MOS Burger, Freshness Burger, etc. And Beard Papa Cream Puffs too!

I first tried Beard Papa Cream Puffs in Singapore and loved it. Then I went to Osaka and tried it and realised how heavenly a cream puff could be! After that, I could never enjoy the Singapore version as much as before. -sadface-

There are plenty of branches in Tokyo too – I’ve had some at Akihabara, and on my last trip, when we went for the Sumida River fireworks, the Beard Papa at Asakusa station was having a special 100yen offer just for the hanabi festival!

Needless to say, we immediately joined the queue.

That yummy, super fresh and rich Hokkaido cream!!!

I think the serving size is more generous in Japan as well. Try it for yourself!


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