Tokyo: the 3rd Burger (Omotesando)

When Mario and I spent five weeks in Tokyo, I made a conscious effort to trawl the Internet to uncover interesting/good new places/things to check out. One of my favourite websites was Tokyo Cheapo – a great resource for people on a budget! It recommended the 3rd Burger, and I loved the concept the moment I read about it!


In a nutshell – healthy yet yummy burgers. It almost seems an oxymoron. They use fresh meat for their patties, organic vegetables, the buns are free from preservatives and additives, and they have a good variety of healthy smoothies. For the quality, the prices are quite reasonable too. Of course it won’t be as cheap as Macdonalds’ (frozen meat, mass-produced items), but it’s a lot cheaper than the average gourmet burger. I love cheeseburgers, and theirs is priced at 530yen. Make it a meal by adding 590 yen for a smoothie and a small serving or fries, or 330 yen for a normal drink and a small serving of fries.

We ordered two cheeseburgers, and I made mine a meal with a banana smoothie!

Their burgers are. So. Shiny.




Gorgeous toasted buns, tender patties, oozing cheese… my only grouse was that the burgers are so small!


The fries were awesome too. Yes they taste as good as they look!


My yummy banana smoothie!


They apparently also have outlets in Roppongi and Kichijoji, but I went to the Omotesando branch (a very short walk from the Omotesando subway station.

the 3rd Burger (Omotesando)
Hours: 9am to 10.30pm daily

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