Tokyo: CONA (Shibuya)

I cannot stop raving about this standing pizza bar in Shibuya because their prices are such a bargain (especially for lunch) and the pizzas are seriously good.


Check out their affordable lunch set at just 500yen for a salad, drink and pizza!

So many different toppings to choose from! Knowledge of katakana would be super useful because they don’t have an English menu…




I was boring and chose a Hawaiian pizza while Mario opted for a bacon and potato pizza. Everything was freshly prepared and ready in 5 minutes – from placing the ingredients on the pizza to taking the pizza out from the wood-fired oven!


Because it was such a generous size for one person, I couldn’t finish my pizza even though it was so yummy… but Mario was more than happy to help.


We loved CONA so much that we returned the next day for lunch again and the waitress probably remembered us because she looked at us funny.

On our second visit, we tried other pizzas. Cheese curry pizza for me! I was surprised to see that it came with generous mounds of mashed potato.

And Teriyaki chicken pizza for Mario!

Good food, good bargain… and NO TAXES OR SERVICE CHARGE!

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 2-7-5 (Map)
Hours: 11am-4.30am daily


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