Tokyo: Gudetama Popup Cafes! (Limited time only!)

A while back, I was really into Gudetama (a lazy egg Sanrio character) and wanted to hunt down Gudetama merchandise as well as themed cafes in Tokyo! So, I did some research and luckily for us, there were some Gudetama popup cafes during the time we were there – these pop up cafes typically open for between a month to three months. Some are regular cafes that just have themed food for a limited time; some are themed cafes that change themes frequently; some are stalls at festivals/markets.

Anyway! We first went to Akasaka, where there was some kind of outdoor festival with many different stalls. One of the stalls was selling Gudetama yakisoba!





That bacon blanket!

We had some trouble eating the egg at first because omg it has a face! How could you eat it while it’s staring right back at you? But after a while we got over it. 😛

There was also a popup store selling merchandise at Akasaka!


We then headed to Tokyo Skytree to check out more Gudetama-themed food!

We were super lucky because it was the very last day of the popup cafe! It was supposed to change to another theme the next day!

We were super thirsty in the summer heat so of course we had to get this float – poor Gudetama ice cream had a super wrinkly face!



Also grabbed this crepe thingie which was super yums!



Still leaving the face for last…

And this tamagoyaki:


All in all, it was super fun and the food was decently-priced and quite yummy! Some of the themed cafes can be quite pricey so you just have to pick and choose carefully! Google was my best friend – I just searched for “Gudetama cafe Tokyo” and kept a look out for the dates. It helps if you sort the search results by date, like just for content posted in the past week or month!


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