Tokyo: Eorzea Cafe (Akihabara)

Work has been hectic, to say the least, so blogging has taken the backseat… up to now. I’m going to try blogging a little every now and then because I have so much that I haven’t shared about my last Japan trip, and I’m heading to Japan again in a month (eeps).

I think it might be a bit more helpful if I dedicate each blogpost to a specific activity or place, like a review, rather than do a day-by-day summary of what I did. Let me know which you prefer!

Today I’m going to be writing about EORZEA Cafe, which is a Final Fantasy-themed cafe in Akihabara. I don’t play Final Fantasy at all, but Mario does, and I’m always happy to accompany him on his geek trips. The man deserves to fanboy once in a while; after all, he never complains about waiting around for me whenever we’re out shopping! So far, we’ve been to this particular EORZEA Cafe three times already. It’s a must-go if you love the game!

We bought our tickets from the Loppi machine at a Lawson convenience store:

The decor inside is amazing – so I’ll let the pictures do the talking:






There are some people who visit Eorzea Cafe alone, and this is where they sit – at the bar!


Some computer terminals for fanboys to log onto FF and brag about it to their in-game friends in real time.



Example of fanboy:


Not so happy to be caught in the act of messaging his friends about being at Eorzea cafe:


The menu! Not all the items are interesting though – some look quite ordinary without any special props. Needless to say, we only ordered stuff that looked awesome, with mini swords and all.









We didn’t want to order stuff that we’d tried before, so this time, we had the Chocobo-shaped curry rice – it turned out to be quite yummy!


Mario had this cocktail that came with a ninja shuriken:


I had this “Eter” cocktail that was very refreshing and fruity!

And I *think* these were mozzarella balls in a very Southeast Asian kind of spicy sauce… it might have had coconut milk in it.



Mario ordered the stone soup again even though we already tried it on our first visit because he loves Borscht soup and this was pretty much Borscht.


Also shared a sausage platter! Don’t be fooled though – the sausages were tiny!




For dessert, we had this sorry excuse for a honey toast. It was so bad I couldn’t believe it. The famous Shibuya-style honey toast is supposed to be fluffy in the centre, and crispy on the outside. It’s also supposed to be hot and freshly toasted, for the perfect contrast with the ice cream. This one was not just tiny (the portions at Eorzea Cafe are a little pricey for the size you get) but also stale, cold, and just very unappetising. Boo.




Ok, so in a nutshell – Eorzea Cafe has great decor, and the food is generally good to decent, but the dessert we had was awful. Prices are a little on the high side, but you’re actually paying for the experience and the photo-ops, plus you get a collectible coaster (totally at random – so hopefully you’ll be lucky and not get repeat characters) for each item you order, regardless of how much it costs.

How do you get in? There are fixed timings for the seatings, with four sessions a day. You have three choices:
1) Purchase a ticket in advance (possible online if you’re registered with Lawson) at Loppi machines in Lawson convenience stores. Best if you know some Japanese, because the machine is mostly in Japanese.
2) Show up on the day itself, about half an hour before your desired seating time, and if you’re lucky, they might have seats available.
3) Pop by Eorzea Cafe and book for a future date. Bookings for the 1-15th of the next month are available from the 15th to the end of the current month; bookings for the 16th to the end of the current month are available from the 1st day of the month.

Eorzea Cafe
– Sessions: 11.30am to 1.30pm // 2pm to 4pm // 4.30pm to 6.30pm // 7pm to 10pm
– Reservations: Purchase tickets via the Loppi machine at Lawson convenience stores in Japan
– Price: Entry ticket is 1000yen (includes a character coaster that you can pick, plus a drink)
– Location: Google map

Have fun!


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