Japan Day 19: Butayaro

Address: 3F, 2-6-15 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku (near Ochanomizu Station)
Hours: 11am to 11pm, closed on Sundays

For lunch, Mario and I headed to Butayaro – a highly-rated, humble eatery specialising (by which I mean they ONLY offer this one item) butadon, a rice bowl topped with slices of grilled pork.


The place is smoky, but the air-con is decent. There are counter seats only in this tiny eatery, so if you’re coming in a large group, be prepared to sit separately… and to queue. But if you have to queue (and we did have to queue whenever we came here during peak meal times), rest assured that any wait is well worth it.


The pork slices are tender and well-marinated, with a generous serving of sauce – so rich, in fact, that I asked for a half portion of sauce on my subsequent visits. Mario was happy with the normal portion because he likes his food to have intense flavours.


I opted for an onsen egg on top of my butadon and it went perfectly with the butadon.


Given the quality of the food, the price is extremely reasonable.

The butadon comes in three sizes – small is 500yen, medium is 700yen, and the large is 900yen. The onsen egg is 100yen.

Butayaro is also in a great location – situated a minute’s walk from Ochanomizu Station (JR as well as Tokyo Metro), and the area is very quaint, with many music stores specialising in guitars, and also many restaurants and cafes. If you like walking, Akihabara is about ten minutes’ walk away. After trying Butayaro, I immediately added it to my list of go-to places in Tokyo. In fact, I think we had it 3-4 times alone in this trip!

2 thoughts on “Japan Day 19: Butayaro

  1. Steve says:

    Where is this place at exactly? Couldn’t find it. Is it in the a-plaza? I went to the 3rd floor from the street side and there is nothing there.

    Or is it down the street by the main station by the music shops? What is it next to?

    Any help is appreciated!! Thanks.

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