Japan Day 17: Living like a local

Note: I’ve been super busy with work and other projects since I got back from Japan in mid-August, so these entries on my Japan trip are super backdated!

Breakfast was this discounted pack of sandwiches purchased the night before from the Keio Supermarket at Fuchu Station. I waited for Mario to wake up and then we shared this for breakfast. They were surprisingly quite good still and not mushy, unlike the sandwiches sold at Cheers in Singapore. We heated the katsu sandwiches in the microwave in our room and they were quite good!

The sandwiches were gone in just a few bites so we decided to try this instant seafood bisque soup that we got from the supermarket the night before – it costs about 60yen a serving. What a steal!

The soup doesn’t look very appetizing but it was actually quite decent! Tasted exactly like how seafood/lobster bisque should, except that it was a little watery (we probably added too much water and didn’t stir enough)… And the amazing thing is, there were shrimp in the soup! And they actually were springy and tasted fresh! What?! How did they do that?!

Today was supposed to be a chill day because we’d been out late yesterday… And Mario still hasn’t quite recovered and can’t walk much. So, I did my nails!

I’d bought a lot of stuff at the Asia Nail Festival, so I decided to try them out! Here’s one of them – a feather charm! It’s super trendy in Japan now!

After I repaired my two nails, we went out in search of a good lunch deal. We explored the shopping malls near the train station and this restaurant specializing in omu rice caught my eye!

After I repaired my two nails, we went out in search of a good lunch deal. We explored the shopping malls near the train station and this restaurant specializing in omu rice caught my eye!

I mean… A place that does ONLY omu rice and has it in so many different versions has got to be pretty good at omu rice right?

Plus, their lunch sets were irresistible!

We ordered two lunch sets and they each came with a salad…

The salad was fresh and the dressing was simple but good. A very refreshing and healthy start to our meal! Then came our omu rice. Mine was the standard tomato omu rice, and came stuffed with chicken. Now I really wasn’t expecting the omu rice to be anything more than just decent, given the price, but… IT WAS THE BEST OMU RICE I’D EVER HAD!!!

Mario ordered a curry version, and topped up 150yen for pork katsu. Totally worth it because the pork katsu was perfectly fried, crispy and yummy!

We were so full after that because the portions were quite generous! Apparently, for lunch time, the omu rice gets a size upgrade omg. And would you believe that the total bill came up to about 1800yen only?!? Plus, we shamelessly asked if they took credit cards and they did, so we paid by credit card (phew – playing it safe in case we need more cash for other things!) heh.

Walked around the malls after that and OMG spotted a gudetama gachapon so I couldn’t resist it even though they were 300 yen a try.

My two new babies! Haha!

Continued walking around and found two 100yen stores – CAN DO and Daiso. Ended up buying a gel polish remover so I could continue doing my nails (I didn’t bring along any acetone for soak off) and spent the rest of the day in our hotel room doing my nails.

Tapaued two onigiri in case we got hungry at night 😑

Finished one hand and then we got hungry so we headed out to Sukiya instead of eating rhe onigiri…

Went for the same things we had the other night! Unagi x beef bowl!

Mario’s beef bowl! I shared some unagi with him…

Popped by Lawson 100 again and bought some fruits back. Japanese fruits are expensive so fruits at Lawson are a super good deal! They’re at least half the usual price! The watermelon wasn’t red – more like a very pale pink – and I didn’t think it would be sweet but surprisingly it was. πŸ˜€

P.s. Today we spent a total of 5052 yen for the two of us, including a bit of grocery shopping and shopping at Daiso. That’s less than S$30/pax!


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