Cooking Soup with the EuropAce Magic Healthy Cooker!

Mario and I recently resolved to start cooking more (we did it a little for fun when we first started dating but it’s been about five years since we last cooked) and we’ve been looking around for kitchen appliances to acquire in order to help us.

Basically, apart from a kitchen stove, pots and pans, we only had a rice cooker and a tiny toaster oven. So, we were looking to purchase an air fryer and a pressure cooker.

We’ve been looking around for a pressure cooker so we can quickly make soups/stews since we usually get home quite late and don’t have the luxury of time to spend hours cooking. Sure, there are plenty of quick recipes out there, but we love hearty, double-boiled soups, and we didn’t want to compromise on quality for the sake of speed.

We also wanted to get a good bargain so when we saw a SONA pressure cooker selling at around $80 but which was out of stock, we refused to purchase other brands/models (all above $200). This evening, we went to GIANT supermarket in Tampines and we chanced upon the EuropAce Magic Healthy Cooker, on sale at just $69.90 (retail price $129). Although it’s not a pressure cooker, it caught my attention because it promised “100% PURE SOUP” + “rich essence” plus cooking time cut down from 4-5 hours to just 1.5 hours for nutritious, flavourful soup.



We decided to buy it and make ourselves soup tonight for a late dinner! We were super pleased with the results. It was really simple to use!

We chopped up one carrot, one corn, used 500g of spare ribs, and added a bit of cabbage into the top layer, and placed water in the bottom layer. After 1.5 hours of cooking, we added in egg tofu as well and tadah! I was really shocked at the taste because we didn’t have to add any soup stock (in the past, I’ve always had to add chicken cubes for flavour because no matter how long I simmered soup, it would still be bland), salt or soy sauce. Mario added a bit of pepper but that was it!

Cost of this meal (all ingredients from Giant):

– 1 carrot (19 cents, from a pack of 5 for 95 cents)
– 1 corn (55 cents, from a pack of 2 for $1.10)
– 500g of Austalian spare ribs ($6.47)
– 1/2 a cabbage (30 cents)
– 1 egg tofu (about 88 cents; on sale at 2 for $1.75)

TOTAL: $8.39 (for 2 pax, with enough left over for one more serving)

Not too bad, considering there was no MSG, and plenty of meat!

Also shared a golden kiwi with Mario as a snack – it was my first time trying a golden kiwi and I loved it! So sweet! They were on sale at $6.95 for a pack of 6 so that’s about $1.16 per kiwi. I guess that brings our total to $9.55.

ANYWAY… I would totally recommend this cooker! You can steam food like vegetables in 15 minutes, and cook all sorts of things with it quickly while retaining a lot of nutritional value. It’s so simple to use and fuss-free! This really makes cooking such a breeze. 🙂


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