Japan Day 15: Fuchu

Woke up bright and early today… Doing more research on places to check out. It’s amazing what you can find that are off the beaten path! Can’t wait to check them out and update when I do! In the meantime… Breakfast in bed! Bananas bought from Lawson 100 last night!

Snacked on more of this because Mario is jetlagged and also not feeling well, so we couldn’t head out for lunch. Tried to use my free time productively by doing more research and wheeeeee I found two exciting events happening in Yokohama that we can attend! One is the Aloha Yokohama festival (a Hawaiian/Hula-themed festival with food stalls, performances etc) and the other is a Pikachu invasion of Yokohama! Imagine over 1000 giant Pikachu dancing! So excited!

Finally headed out at about 2pm to grab lunch at Saizeriya! It’s a casual family restaurant, similar to the one in Singapore, but the menu is more extensive here! Food is cheap, and we were hoping it would be good. Well, Mario’s salad was fresh and sweet!

I ordered creamy corn soup and it was just ok.

I ordered paella for my main and to my disappointment, it wasn’t actually paella (the rice wasn’t technically paella). The portion was also quite small and the ingredients were meh. The mussels were awesome though, with a refreshing light and zesty sauce!

And here’s Mario’s bacon and salami pizza! To our shock, it was undercooked. Sigh.

On the plus side, for some reason we could help ourselves to free drinks from the self-serve area. And the food was cheap. The total bill for our two starters and two mains was 1346 yen… Which is about $15. Whutttttt. But then again… Although the food wasn’t terrible, it was probably also our worst meal ever in Japan.

The weather today is SO HOT! It’s at 38-39 degrees Celsius now and it’s definitely not normal, because it’s become a hot topic on the news today. My skin has been very dry here, and also a bit burnt from the sun, so it’s peeling a little. When we got back from lunch, I decided to treat my skin to a face mask!

It’s a good thing I stocked up on face masks when we had a layover in Seoul! They had a lot of skincare brands with promo packs on sale, and I grabbed this pack of 30 face masks from Γ‰tude House for just US$16… About 70cents (Sing) each.

Snacked on some cream puffs from Lawson 100. Yay for cheap snacks!

Unpacking some of my loot from the Asia Nail Festival now so I can make swatches of the colours! I actually bought quite a lot of stuff, intending to keep them in the USA first, but now… Looks like I’ll be keeping them in Singapore with me.

Started making swatches but it’s taking super long because removing the seal from the pots is so difficult zzz… Gonna pause for now and head out for dinner!

Stumbled upon this popular ramen place near our hotel!

It’s some kind of… Spicy miso ramen? Anyway, it’s ranked #4 of all restaurants in Fuchu, and also appears on several websites as one of the top ramen restaurants in Tokyo! So of course we had to try it…

It’s vending machine style, so you need to buy tickets for what you want to eat.

I opted for the non-spicy version and added more pork. It was yummy but very rich! The pork belly was super fatty… Woohoo! The soup was nice, but after a while it got too much for me to take. The portions were so big!

Mario had the regular spicy ramen and thought it wasn’t very spicy but had a good kick. The portion was too big even for him though! Amazingly, he managed to finish it…


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