Japan Day 14: Sumida River Fireworks!

Woke up way too early at 5plus, and forced myself to go back to sleep. I think I’m jetlagged, pfffft. But I had to readjust my body clock, so back to bed it was. When I woke up again, it was 7plus. I think the bed is a little hard… I woke up feeling rather achey.

Since it was early and Mario was still sleeping, I decided to do another load of laundry (we only managed to wash half our clothes the night before). When it was done, I hung the clothes out to dry at the balcony since it was super sunny. Saved 300 yen, yay! We’re staying in Japan this time for 22 days, and we don’t have much cash on us since we hadn’t planned to stay so long, so we’re striving to be more thrifty and see how we can stretch our yen, since some things can only be paid for in cash.

After hanging the clothes out to dry, I decided to do a third load – for all the bears. We’d been using them as pillows and bolsters on planes and airport seats when we slept overnight, so they were rather dirty. Put them out to dry after the wash!

Mario wasn’t feeling well today so we stayed in. I had cup noodles for lunch (purchased the previous day from a Lawson 100) and then snacked on these super tasty anchovies mixed with nuts. Got them from Don Quijote a week ago, a giant pack for about 1000yen… But really big pack! Must-try! I haven’t been able to find this in Singapore…

Bummed around, updated my blog, did some research on things to do in Tokyo… And then at about 4pm we finally headed out to go to the Sumida River area for the fireworks! Popped by Lawson 100 again to grab cheap drinks as we went to the station!

They also had freshly fried croquette and I was feeling hungry so I grabbed this cheese croquette for only 54 yen! Tummeh!

When we got to Asakusa for the hanabi, though, the crowds were CRAZY.

Check it out! There were a lot of police officers on duty with barricades, keeping the crowd under control.

We didn’t manage to get to the Sumida River for the best spots due to the crowd, but we managed to get a decent view – and the fireworks were beautiful! I only captured a few because I got too caught up enjoying them instead of capturing them heh.

Slowly made our way back to the station after the fireworks ended, but there were so many people that we decided to eat at KFC and wait for the crowds to thin before we headed back. Didn’t want to get pushed and shoved in the train station! Interestingly, the KFC didn’t have French fries on the menu… Instead, they had these wedge-like potato pieces. Quite yummy!

Mario ordered some fried chicken and thought it tasted quite similar to KFC’s in Singapore.

I got a chicken burger and it was quite different from Singapore’s! The chicken was super juicy and more like a chunky piece of chicken than a patty. Also, the mayo had a hint of wasabi. Overall, two thumbs up!

Actually, when we later headed to the station, it was still very crowded, but the police officers did such a great job at keeping the crowd flowing that the platforms never got too packed. People just kept going and the trains kept coming and as one batch of people boarded and the train moved off, there would be a constant stream of new people coming in. Totally unlike the chaos you see in Singapore when we have large events or train breakdowns.

Popped by Lawson 100 again and stocked up on drinks and some bananas to snack on in our hotel room. I’ve been keeping track of our spending and today was the best day! Our train fares were 520yen each way, per pax, so that’s 2080 yen in total for our hanabi outing. Yet, after adding in what we spent on food and drinks, the grand total of our expenditure is less than 4000 yen! That’s like less than 22sgd per person! Woohoo! Not bad for one day!


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