Japan Day 12: Shibuya

This was our last day in Tokyo – we had a flight to catch super early (6am) the next morning at Haneda Airport, but that meant that we had to check in for the flight at 4 plus in the morning and there’s zero public transport to the airport at that time. So, we decided to head to the airport the night before and stay overnight in the airport.

So, we deposited our luggage early that day at the Grand Hyatt Hotel – since we were taking the airport limousine bus that night from the hotel, we could leave our luggage there for free while we roamed around for the rest of the day. Awesome!!

First thing we did after depositing our luggage was to take our AirBnB host Naoki for lunch! We’d wanted to take him to PAP House for yakiniku beef since it was one of his favourite dishes and he’d never been to PAP House, but sadly, we found out when we got there that it was closed due to it being a holiday!

Oh man… we racked our brains and decided to take him to a good grilled fish restaurant nearby instead. Unfortunately, although we’ve been there a few times, we’ve never actually taken note of its name or address. We just know how to get there. Oops. We’ll try and get the name and address next time we go.

photo 5 (1)

I got a gindara teriyaki set!

photo 1 (8)

Mario ordered something which was recommended on the menu, but since it was in kanji, we couldn’t read the name…

photo 2 (7)

photo 3 (4)

photo 5 (2)

Naoki ordered unagi!

photo 4 (5)

Thank you for hosting us!

Japan July 2015

After that, we bid goodbye to Naoki and headed to Omotesando Coffee, which we’d just seen recommended by Nylon Sg in our Instagram feed. They featured this coffee drink that had interested lumps at the surface so… yeah, gotta check that out.

The lumps turned out to be super interesting bubbles! They kept frothing and morphing, as you can see from the above collage.

Japan July 20151

Omotesando Coffee isn’t your average Starbucks. First of all… there are no tables. “Seating” = two benches outdoors, in a tiny landscaped garden.

Japan July 20152

Everything was certified hipster and would have been extremely cool if the weather hadn’t been insufferably hot.

Needed a dessert to cool us down after that, so we headed back to Shibuya and ordered parfait… but again, didn’t take note of the cafe’s name. That’s just as well, because the parfaits were not cheap and not that great.


They’re quite photogenic though, aren’t they?



Since that was a most unsatisfying dessert, we headed to St Marc’s cafe for round 2. Their danish + ice cream desserts are the bomb, and decently priced too! This was 475 yen.

photo 5 (3)

Flaky, crumbly danish drizzled with chocolate – goes so well with the ice cream!


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