Japan Day 9: Nishiki Market + Otaru

We’d planned for a lovely fresh seafood breakfast at Nishiki Market, since it was near our hotel, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. This was actually my third time going – my first time had been absolutely fantastic because the restaurant I’d chosen had given me the freshest and fattiest melt-in-your-mouth salmon I’d ever had in my life. However, my second time (and to the same restaurant) had resulted strangely in me having the WORST salmon in my life – limp, zero streaks of fat, full of tendons, and tasting very fishy. This time, I resolved to put that horrible experience behind me by trying a different restaurant.


It still served me horrible salmon. This is a tie for the “Worst Salmon I’ve Had In My Life”. I literally could not chew the salmon because parts of it had so much tendon it refused to break off. I did not finish my food.


Mario’s crab bowl. Apparently it was so-so. At least it wasn’t terrible.


Never ever going back to Nishiki Market again!


We walked to Sapporo Station after that (maybe 15-20 minutes) – it was a slow and leisurely walk so we were happily taking in the sights. That’s what we love about long holidays – you don’t feel rushed like you have to hurry around to complete items on your itinerary. Instead, you can slowly take your time to soak in the sights and explore neighbourhoods to get a glimpse of how locals live…


Passed by this canal with clear waters and looking at it, I felt my inner peace restored (I was fuming mad at first from the horrible breakfast).


Spotted a cute shiba inu putting his best foot forward with his owner!


I dressed up for the day out! Dress from The Velvet Dolls!


Little flower displays at Odori Park!


On the train to Otaru!




Otaru is a really quaint town – a respite from the city!

We grabbed some soft serve ice cream πŸ˜€ Mario’s was chocolate and mine was melon! Strangely, mine turned out to be more like a sorbet than a soft serve…

We then stopped at Le Tao to try their famous double fromage cheesecake…



We had this special tea set so everything you see was 1296 yen in total! The cheesecake was really light and pretty good! There was also free wifi πŸ˜€


Mario likes to snap candid shots of me. This one turned out pretty nice (I think I was squinting in the sun) especially after a bit of filtering in Picasa!


Continued walking and we didn’t really go into any shops because all the merchandise was very touristy – accessories, glassware (a local specialty), omiyage (souvenirs like food)… spotted this little spaniel!





And then we came to the famous canal… which actually doesn’t look as charming in summer, sadly. When I came in winter, it was straight out of a postcard! In fact, the entire town looks much better in winter…





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