Live Update: Staying Overnight at Haneda Airport


We’ve arrived at Haneda Airport International Terminal. Our flight is scheduled for 6.25am tomorrow morning, and we’ve found out from the information counter that we can only check in at 4.10am. No problem, we were prepared for that. We had planned to arrive late the night before and crash at the airport because a) we could save on one night’s accommodation and b) no public transport except an expensive taxi ride (seriously, Japan’s taxis are very expensive) was available at such early hours.

You know, in this day and age, one thing is essential for survival – battery juice. Haneda Airport provides free wifi but without battery juice, we would be bored to death. So, our first priority was to secure access to powerpoints so we could charge our phones/laptops/portable chargers and use our gadgets all through the night.

We did a quick scan of the three floors (first floor entrance lobby, second floor arrivals and third floor departures) and realised that the departures floor was PACKED with people, and all the charging points were taken. The arrivals floor had less people, but fewer charging points as well as seats, and all were taken. The entrance lobby was surprisingly uncrowded, and although there weren’t many seats or charging points, there were plenty to go ground. So, we decided to camp here.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER – Mario is firmly entrenched in his spot at the charging area.

photo 2 (2)

I’m at the seating area, so we can switch places whenever one of us feels like getting some rest.

photo 3 (1)

It’s pretty empty right now so we could possibly just lie across four seats and sleep.

photo 4 (1)

There’s a Lawson’s right here too. Looks like supper’s all settled!

photo 1 (3)


We got hungry so we bought some onigiri from the well-stocked Lawson’s. I also got myself a cream puff and happily nommed it halfway before realising the cream was a little off – parts of it were yellow instead of white, and watery instead of solid. I tossed the rest of it, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get any tummy rumbles later on my flight.

photo 1 (4)

It’s still pretty quiet here at the entrance lobby, although we get the occasional person coming down from the other floors to look for a seat here. It must be pretty crowded up there. The charging stations are pretty empty though, because most people are just trying to catch some sleep. Great, more juice for me (it’s my turn to stand here and charge my devices).

photo 2 (3)

We had to move to new seats though, because a man came and sat near us and he smelled really bad. The summer heat now in Tokyo is so terrible that you start sweating within seconds of being outdoors, so imagine how bad it would be if you’d been out all day and then went to the airport to spend the night without freshening up. We could smell him from two meters away. 😦

We had been out all day too, but we came prepared – we had super cooling menthol wet wipes, plus a change of clothes prepared, so we went to the washrooms and just cleaned ourselves up and changed into clean clothes. It felt so gross to be all sticky and stinky after we’d been out all day, and it was such a relief to be (somewhat) clean again.

I’ve been entertaining myself by watching episodes of the latest SHOW ME THE MONEY – because I just found out that Winner’s MINO is in it!!! OMG FANGIRL MOMENT! Unfortunately, it’s only at episode 4 now, and I’ve already finished watching all of them at the airport. Oops. MINO SHAVED HIS HEAD FOR THIS SHOW OMG.


All checked in and comfortably seated near our departure gate. Plenty of seats and charging points here, and we’re plugged in now… which is the moment I realised I left my portable charger back at the entrance lobby. Too late now. -cries-

Most of the shops are closed, and there are very limited food options available. Good thing there’s a vending machine for snacks, so we’re munching on a pack of edamame+wasabi flavoured chips now.


About to board anytime now! First time flying Korean Air… we have a short layover in Seoul, so I’m hoping I can pick up some skincare products at the airport…


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