Day 4: Asia Nail Expo/Gindaco + Mos Burger

On Day 4, I went to Asia Nail Festival on my own, leaving poor Mario to his own devices…

The admission ticket usually costs 2500yen/day (1500yen if you purchase in advance), but I was very lucky to meet some kind Japanese ladies who had an extra ticket and gave it to me!

There were free classes as well, but you had to queue for tickets. You could start queuing for class tickets from 10am onwards, but you could only queue at 2pm for classes scheduled for 2.30pm onwards. I really wanted to attend the 2.30pm class by Maya Tempaku (she’s a very famous Japanese nail artist and ambassador for RapiGel) so I thought I would queue earlier to attend her class.

I spent some time shopping first and bought SO MUCH stuff that I regretted not bringing along my luggage to put everything in. 😦 At about 1pm, I had a quick lunch (ebi sandwich from one of the food stands at the expo) and started queuing at about 1.20pm. Even though I was already 40 minutes early, there were already more than 100 people in front of me in the queue!

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

There were only 100 tickets available for Maya Tempaku’s class, so I was keeping my fingers crossed that some of the people in front of me were queuing for other classes instead. It was my lucky day, because I didn’t just get a ticket… I somehow ended up with front-row ticket right in front of Maya so I could fangirl a little haha!

I also managed to watch some demonstrations on the stage and at the individual booths. I was mostly watching demos by another famous nail artist Yoko Matsuda, who does artwork for Ace Gel. She’s super glamourous, isn’t she? I thought her makeup and hairdo made her look very much like Ariana Grande!

photo 3

photo 4

At about 5pm I gave up on the shopping (I could not possibly carry any more bags, and my feet were killing me) so I went back to the hotel to meet Mario. However, it was not long before we headed out again to explore the area around our hotel!

We found a Gindaco branch nearby and had some takoyaki!




After that, we shared a cheeseburger meal at MOS Burger.




This was probably our cheapest day in Japan, if you don’t count my shopping loot at the expo, because we were just eating cheap food, fast food, takeout food, etc. I love how cheap and fast food in Japan is usually yummy, and you can eat well even on a budget!


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