Hello! I know, it’s been a long time since I last updated here… I’m surprised anyone still reads this blog. Thank you, whoever you guys may be, for checking back here! These days, it’s so much easier and faster to just do quick updates on Instagram (I’m @nailartexpress!) that I’ve neglected this blog as a result. Of course, there’s work – nothing’s more tiring than running your own business – but this year, my resolution is to multi-task more, and give more attention to other aspects of my life. So, here’s a super overdue update on my working trip to Chicago-New York-Tokyo last October/November!

Part One: Chicago

I spent about a week in Chicago with my boyfriend’s family! It was a leisurely holiday that felt more like I was living there – plenty of delicious hearty home-cooked meals by his mom, grocery shopping at Costco, and then on some days we would do a little more, like explore the botanical gardens, go to the outlet mall, or visit other neighbourhoods. Coming from Sunny Singapore, I can never quite embrace the cold of winter! I did, however, get into the spirit of winter by spending an afternoon doing a set of Frozen-themed nails on myself. I used this as a reference photo:


I kept the other nails simple, with snowflakes, some marbling, and plenty of bling.

1 2

Then, because I was asked to submit high-res photos of my nails and myself for a feature in a magazine, I enlisted the help of my boyfriend and his father to be my photographers! We went to a park to take some photos and here are some of the ones that we shortlisted!

This one was actually taken indoors – surprisingly lovely!


Some shots by the lake!



You can see my newly-coloured and treated hair in these photos too – I had my hair coloured by Hazel and also got a Brazilian Blowout by Katherine at 99 Percent Hair Studio before my trip so that my frizzy, wavy hair would be tamed. Because my hair has been bleached, I can’t do rebonding on it – so I can only opt for the Brazilian Blowout, which is an intensive treatment that is a lot more expensive than other treatments, but has a more lasting effect, leaving hair softer, sleeker and more manageable for up to four months.



(I bought a bag on my trip too – this beauty is from the Coach store in the Fashion Outlets of Chicago… I love outlet shopping in the USA!)


Last shot, with some flowers:


All in all, I had a great time in Chicago – the pace was slow, so it was a good break from work before hitting NYC and Tokyo.

Some short snippets from my Instagram:

My first time missing a flight – this was a connecting flight that I couldn’t make due to a long wait at immigration, baggage and security. I made good use of my time though to enjoy a huge slice of pizza (don’t you just love the size of food portions in the USA?).

Got to Chicago safe and sound and had a lovely first meal at the Michelin-starred Longman & Eagle, where I tasted rabbit for the first time (very tender):

We brought our bears along and wasted no time in unpacking them when we got to the house!

Yummy pho (in my belly) in Viet town a couple of days later…

And this was taken at 5pm! I miss the sun in winter – the days are so short!

We had a family outing to the Chicago Botanic Gardens one day – so beautiful! Most of the roses weren’t in bloom, but the gardens were still beautiful. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it would look in spring! On our way there:

Can you see the bee here?

Ended our visit with a little picnic by the lake, with fresh air and a beautiful view:

On most days, I would spend some time practising nail art:

On a side note – I can’t believe how dry my skin gets in winter! My lips crack and get sore, and my skin gets flaky and peels. 😦

On my last day in Chicago, we did some shopping downtown and checked out Magnolia Bakery as well – the cupcakes are way overrated but the banana pudding… yummy!

Well, that’s all I have for now… next post will be on the NYC leg of my trip!

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