Pooh x Eeyore customisation

One of the members of Team TNA (nail artists at The Nail Artelier) has her birthday on 26 Oct, so I offered to help her complete her nail art as a mini birthday present!

Xinjing already did 3D art of Eeyore on her left hand, together with gradient nails embellished with disco balls, but it’s always difficult to do art with your non-dominant hand, so she’d left her right hand alone. She loves Eeyore, so I did a bit of googling for reference images and found two super cute ones of Eeyore with Pooh.


They’re both in “Baby” versions, which I’ve always thought was cuter than the normal versions – chubbier and more adorable!


So for the thumb, I did Pooh hugging Eeyore, and then I did Pooh chewing on Eeyore’s ear, spread out over the middle and ring fingers.


Elleen (another member of team TNA) also helped out by doing the index and pinkie nails!



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