Customisation – Super Junior Mamacita nails!

Many of my customisation requests have been K Pop related – to the extent that I’m starting to know a bit more about K Pop myself! In this particular instance, I learnt the names of two Super Junior members as well as their new album Mamacita. 😀


My customer only had one specific nail art request – she wanted the cartoon versions of Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae to be drawn on her thumbs. For the rest of the nails, I was given free rein to put together a set that would match the theme of the new album, Mamacita.


I noticed that the cartoons and the album art appeared to be “Western” style – think desert, pistols, cowboys, jeans, wooden bar doors, hats, sheriffs, etc. So, I suggested using earthy brown tones and an abstract woodgrain background. It was a busy night at The Nail Artelier and I still had customers waiting, so luckily she was happy to go with simple designs for the rest of her nails after I had to allocate more time on doing her thumbs!

Art time: 2 hours

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