Customisation – Vampire Knight nails

This Vampire Knight customisation request caught me by surprise because my customer had originally indicated that she wanted a black/red/silver set with lots of embellishments and gothic crosses/symbols, but she was struck by sudden inspiration and wanted two anime characters on her thumbs, so I tried my best!


I’m a stranger to this anime (and most anime/manga actually), so it was a good thing my customer was well-prepared with reference pictures. She wanted the colour scheme to be in black/grey/red/silver so the anime characters were done in monochrome (except for their red eyes and red roses).


Art time: 3 hrs 15 mins 😦

It does seem like we’ve been getting more and more anime customisation requests recently at The Nail Artelier – it’s something that takes a lot of time and hence costs more, so it’s generally only possible if customisation is mentioned when the appointment is being made. That way, we can set aside more time for the appointment!


2 thoughts on “Customisation – Vampire Knight nails

    • Ying says:

      She just came and had them done on Saturday, so I don’t know exactly. She usually gets them done every 4-5 weeks (her gel stays on for that duration and probably could stay on longer if she didn’t come back to get them removed).

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