Customisation – Maleficent nails!

I had a really cute customisation request the other day – a baby cartoon version of Maleficent!


My customer was well-prepared with pictures of what she wanted, so all I had to do was to refer to the original illustrations and customise/adapt them to her nail. Apart from the cartoon, I also had to draw a loom (I think), a crow, and wings. The rest of the nails were kept simple with drips and embellishments.


Art time: 1 hour 45 min.

I’m going to keep track of my art time from now on and strive to improve on my speed for customisation. I normally take my time to do customisation because it’s mentally challenging (analysing proportions and attempting something new) and time-consuming (usually a lot of colours/shades/layers are needed and each is a separate step as I do my art with gel and it must be cured in the LED lamp). This is also the reason why we (The Nail Artelier) cannot accommodate requests for customisation unless they are made in advance, preferably with pictures sent via email on the day of the booking and not on the day of the appointment, so we can set aside enough time and ensure that the right nail artist is allocated to the customer.

As I was saying, I want to improve on my speed because… I’m going to be at Vanity Projects as an artist-in-residence for a few days in November, and I’m sure the pace is pretty intense over there, so I want to be ready for that! If you haven’t heard of Vanity Projects yet… well, I’ll blog more about it soon!


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