Customised Frozen nails!

A few weeks ago, I did some Frozen-themed nails. Every once in a while, I get a burning desire to try a specific design, and luckily for me, there are some people who let me do whatever I want on them. Here’s what I did for Jac!

photo 5

I spent a lot of time on the thumbs because I wanted Anna and Elsa to be depicted as accurately as possible.

photo 1

So, I did the rest of the nails in a super fast, simple marbled gradient… except for one of the nails, which I left bare for Jac to do the snowman on her own!

photo 2

As usual, I couldn’t resist glamming up the nails with some crystals and studs.

photo 3

I’m super late in trying Frozen-themed art, because the movie was out a while ago and it seems a lot of people have done it already… but I’m predicting that it’ll be popular again when Christmas draws near!

photo 4

photo 5

Here are some of the Frozen-themed art that I’ve seen from other people… enjoy!

One thought on “Customised Frozen nails!

  1. Nailgal says:

    I must say that you are very good at this, your frozen-themed nails look beautiful. Thanks for the beautiful nail art design pictures. Can you share a tutorial sometime on how to achieve these beautiful nail art designs?

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