New Galaxy Hair Colour at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Last week, I finally got my hair colour done again at 99 Percent Hair Studio! The last hair colour was from January and it lasted me so long, fading to these gorgeous colours:


This time, I wanted to tone down my look by going for fewer colours. I had so many colours in my hair – greens, blues, purples and pinks… And I just wanted to keep it simpler by going for purples and pinks. This is my hair before they started work on it:


Shan bleached some of the coloured areas to get the colours out so that my new purples and pinks would go on nicely. Here she is adding the new colours! Katherine also helped with the dark brown base colour!


Blowing dry – loving the vibrant end result!


The colour placement is also really cool because the look becomes really versatile. I can wear my hair three different ways, changing the parting to hide or to emphasize the colours.

The normal way I wear my parting – I have hidden layers underneath on one side, and obvious layers on top on the other side side.



If I need a more subtle look, I can just switch to a centre parting and my brown layers will hide the colours so that the colours just look like layers underneath on both sides.


Finally, for a more striking look, I just make my parting more extreme, flipping more of the coloured areas over to the other side so that I have coloured layers on top on both sides.


So cool!!! Totally loving my new hair! And this is another pic taken when I went back a few days later for a wash and blow (done by Hazel).


All of the stylists at 99 Hair Percent Hair Studio are so awesome πŸ˜€

If you don’t already know, they’re at:
40 Haji Lane #01-01 S(189233), Tel: 63963667, Fb/Instagram: 99percenthairstudio

For prices, stylists etc… Check out the reviews and info on them at Beauty Undercover!


One thought on “New Galaxy Hair Colour at 99 Percent Hair Studio

  1. beautyundercoversg says:

    Thanks Ying for the shoutout! πŸ™‚ We’ll also include your blog entry as one of our reviews!

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