Galaxy Hair @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

NOTE: This is not a sponsored advertorial. I paid for all the services mentioned, but all staff of The Nail Artelier get a discounted rate from our lovely neighbours at 99 Percent Hair Studio.

So… in preparation for our upcoming The Nail Artelier post-CNY staff trip to Japan, I got my hair done! I didn’t really have anything specific in mind. I just wanted a darker base colour and maybe some purple and pink streaks. My stylist Shan suggested adding in some other colours for a gradient effect and I was happy to let her have free rein with my hair. This is the result:

photo 1

I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Shan’s a real pro in blending colours, and has done many “galaxy” colours like this one before. As my hair is permed at the back, she focused on colouring my sides and front instead… and for one side, it was more subtle:

photo 5

SO COOL!!! I love the layers and it’s amazing how effortlessly well she did it! She was very meticulous in setting aside the sections that she would be colouring, and each streak actually has at least 2 colours that blend beautifully into each other!

photo 4

For some streaks, it’s purple blending with pink… then there’s also turquoise blending with blue… blue blending with dark blue… super pretty!

Jaron also helped out and blew my hair dry into this bob… thank you!


I think the colours will fade beautifully as well after some washes – some of the darker colours, like the dark blue, are expected to fade into purple, and then to pink. Looking forward to seeing how the colours change!

Find 99 Percent Hair Studio:
40 Haji Lane
Tel: 63963667


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