Hair Makeover!

A while ago, Jaron and the other awesome stylists at 99 Percent Hair Studio went for a workshop where they upgraded their skills by learning new Japanese techniques for texturising perms. In order to have some pictures for a planned upcoming promotion, they were looking for hair models of different hair lengths. So, Jaron asked me if I was game to try the perm as their short-haired model.

I’ve got to admit, I was really skeptical at first. Short hair, permed?! But this wasn’t an ordinary perm – it was just meant to give texture and volume. Plus, Jaron had some funky ideas in mind. I’ll explain with the pictures.

This was my original hair in its full glory – wavy, unruly, and a riot of colours.


I still love the colours though – they lasted me a good three months and would have lasted even longer if I hadn’t gotten this hair makeover. The colour had stopped running/fading after a month and stayed like this.


But man, look at my hair – limp on top, and so bulky and heavy at the ends.


This was the kind of hair that only looked good with a professional blow dry. Towards the end, things got so busy for me (because I not only had my usual appointments at The Nail Artelier but had to juggle and prepare for the nail competition) that I couldn’t spare the time to get a regular wash and blow at 99 Percent Hair Studio anymore. Plus, even if I was free, they weren’t necessarily free – I’m really glad to see that they’ve gotten so much more popular! So people, you have to call ahead for an appointment to avoid disappointment!


Anyway… What Jaron did was to first chop off my hair into an asymmetrical bob, with extra short lower layers. This was so that my hair wouldn’t look too poofy even after the perm, as a lot of volume would have been taken off underneath already. He left the bleached part with crazy colours alone when doing the perm, to avoid frying the hair. So, my texturising perm was pretty much just at the back, and a little on one side (the longer side).


I really like how it looks from the front! It gives me more volume at the top, because I’ve got more layers, and with a bit of styling product, I get a spunky bob that frames my face. Jaron also coloured my hair red, and you wouldn’t believe how many compliments I’ve gotten already in America. Americans are such lovely, friendly people! If I were in another country, I’d probably just get stares for my hair, but here, people come up to tell me they like the colour, or think the style is cool. Wow.


As for the back, it’s really super KPop-style at the moment. I’m trying to get the hang of styling it myself, but I’m no good at it. I’ll wait for Jaron to do it properly when I get back and I’ll post pictures. I’m also kinda waiting for the curls at the back to loosen a little before I share pictures. So… Till then!

Find 99 Percent Hair Studio:
40 Haji Lane
Tel: 63963667


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