Review: Restaurant Week at Little Diner

**I don’t know why my first two pictures uploaded like this! They’re were fine when viewed from my computer, but now you have to tilt your head to the side to see them properly. 😦 Sorry!

Mr M and I made a dinner reservation at Little Diner during Restaurant Week after seeing the many rave reviews about the place. Well, I am really glad we went, because the place really is a gem. Service was warm and attentive while the food was well presented and executed.

Check out this handwritten table marker! Such intimate attention to details!


We ordered drinks… but I can’t remember what they were. Tea and iced lemon tea? These days, I have really bad short term memory.


My appetiser was an awesome sweet potato soup. I LOVE sweet potato, and this soup was done perfectly – flavourful and smooth, yet light at the same time.



We also ordered truffle fries because I love truffle fries… unfortunately, these weren’t the kind that I like. I prefer the fries to be crisp and thin, with just a hint of truffle oil. These were thicker, with the skin on, and quite drizzled in oil so they seemed a little soggy to me.



Mario’s appetiser – risotto balls. SO GOOD SO GOOD!!! Crispy on the outside, and cheesy risotto goodness on the inside. Heaven.



My main – almond crusted salmon fillet with sweet potato puree. I thought this would have gone better with buttered mash because I already had sweet potato soup, and the salmon was so fresh and sweet that the sweet potato made the entire dish just a wee bit too sweet. The salmon was however done to perfection. I don’t know how they do it! I asked for well done, and it came out not only perfectly cooked, but so juicy and it really just melted in my mouth. Not dry and not tough at all. I was in awe. The almond crusted skin was also lovely in its texture – crunchy! The perfect complement to the soft buttery texture of the salmon. I am definitely going back for the salmon.



Mr M had the meatloaf with mash. I heard he enjoyed it. The plate was licked clean.



Dessert was less inspiring though. We had apple crumble, and the crumble on top had a lovely crunch, but the apple compote inside was just too watery… and we felt like we were drinking our dessert.



All in all, we paid around $100 for our restaurant week dinner (it was a special deal at $35+ per pax for dinner, but we also ordered drinks and truffle fries…). I would totally recommend dining here!

Little Diner
789 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 26976
Lunch : 1130 – 1430
Brunch : 1100 – 1500
Dinner : 1800 – 2200
Dinner : 1800 – 2230
Phone: 6466 4088


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