Preparing for Pink Room Cup, Part Four

I haven’t been practising enough for the gel extensions category – I’ve mostly been experimenting with different combinations of different gels and different nail forms so that I can decide on my favourite combo. So… this one is probably my first proper practice with clear gel sculpture extensions and gel polish over them, minus the nail art component.




It’s getting increasingly difficult to find time to practice because business at The Nail Artelier has been booming (which I am very thankful for!). We’ve always been pretty much fully booked, but we used to fill up a day or two in advance. Now, we’re filling up a week or two in advance, even though we’ve expanded our capacity with more staff. I wish I could find more time to practice because I really want to give my best in this competition, but… oh well. I’m flying off to Chicago-New York-Tokyo soon too, and will only be back the day before the competition, so I’ll only have one more practice with my gel extensions model. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll do okay!


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