My Hairvolution

For ten years of my life, I had to endure an unflattering short haircut because both my primary school (Canossa Convent) and secondary school (Nanyang Girls’ High) didn’t allow long hair. Check out this picture I was tagged in on Facebook (Thanks ah Amy Ching!!!).


I wasted no time in growing out my hair the minute I went to junior college, and tamed my naturally wavy, poofy hair with rebonding. I experimented with a wispy fringe…


And also a choppy fringe…


And also a blunt chinadoll fringe…


I also bought a hair curler and played with it to get curly hair or wavy hair…


Then, I wanted to try out new hairstyles after being bored of long hair and safe browns, but I didn’t have the courage to try anything permanent. So I bought a few wigs to play with!



This year, I came to the enlightened view that hey, hair grows… and it’s better to try something crazy while you’re still young because you don’t want to regret not having tried anything when you’re old!

So I got a chic bob at Salon Vim and coloured my hair ash brown:

It whetted my appetite for change. Now I look like this, after a total makeover with crazy colours and an asymmetrical bob by 99 Percent Hair Studio:

In October, I’m going to be doing something MAJOR to my hair again. Stay tuned! I’m really excited about it!


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