Gel Mani: Waves x Seashells

As mentioned on Ladies’ Nite episode 12, these seashell embellishments are popular right now, and at The Nail Artelier, we’ve used them in so many different designs already. This particular design was requested by a customer who liked the Mermaid Waves I did earlier, and she made some modifications of her own.


Apart from random wavy segments in shades of blue, gold and pink, lined with silver, I also used opalescent disco balls – they are so gorgeous and remind me of (mermaid?) scales!


Both gold and silver seashells were used as well…


The feature design with the gold seashells is interesting as well – there is a wavy transparent segment where the seashells and tiny studs are placed, and the rest of the nail is filled with disco balls in a gradient manner, with fewer disco balls at the top so that any new nail growth wouldn’t be too obvious.


Do you prefer this or the original Mermaid Waves design?

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