Why I Will Never Wash My Hair Myself Again (If I Can Help It)

Recently, we’ve been crazy busy at The Nail Artelier. I used to be able to set aside an hour every few days to get a wash and blow from 99 Percent Hair Studio a few doors down, but we’ve been so busy that I just couldn’t do it. So, I washed my own hair and let it air-dry because I don’t have time either to use a hairdryer. If given a choice between blowing my hair dry and sleeping in for half an hour more, guess which option I’d pick?

I suffered with this horrible kinked, unruly hair for a few days before I finally managed to scoot over for a professional wash and blow.


My natural waves are terrible! Plus, my hair was so dry and stiff.


After a good wash and blow with leave-in conditioner and hair serum (I LOVE how 99 Percent Hair Studio doesn’t skimp on using quality products for clients), my hair was transformed. It was so soft and smooth that I couldn’t stop touching it!

By the way, my hair colours would be officially two months old today! I did the colouring on 18 July and the colours faded from their original blues (three different types of blue) to the beautiful rainbow colours that they are now, and I’m happy to say that the colours have stabilised and will stay this way. I haven’t experienced any more colour changing or fading since about a month ago. Is that awesome or what?



Thanks to Fion and Shan for saving my hair!

**Omg look at my black roots! Two months’ worth of new growth is so disturbing… I feel like I should colour my hair again soon but I’ll miss my rainbow colours 😦


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