Preparing for Pink Room Cup Part Two

For my second practice session, I did two-tone glitter gradient acrylic extensions in purple and blue for Shona. This time, I focused on getting the C-curves right. They’re supposed to be 40%-50% of a circle, with an even thickness of 1mm. I couldn’t really get a good shot of the C-curves because the gel top coat I applied makes the nails super reflective. Here’s a view of the underside:



Because I focused on the C-curves, I made sure that I pinched the extensions at the right moments to get them to look slimmer with less filing.


Next session, I’ll have to work on better filing to get a nicer overall shape.




More shots of the C-curves:




Gotta pinch a little harder next time!

*Note: I applied cuticle oil around Shona’s nails, so they look oily in the pictures! I also shaped the extensions square round according to Shona’s preference instead of square according to competition rules.


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