Ladies’ Nite Episode 12 – Nailing It

A few months ago, I was invited to appear on the Channel 8 programme, Ladies’ Nite, for the episode on nails. The show’s writer and producer came down to The Nail Artelier to speak to Jenrine and myself to talk about the content that would be featured, and at that time, I was frankly TERRIFIED about going on a Chinese-language programme because I don’t speak Chinese much and my vocabulary is very limited, particularly for technical terms related to nails.

I’m waiting for XinMSN to upload the episode before talking about it in more detail – in the meantime, here are some screengrabs from StylexStyle. You can read the episode summary here.




For now, I really want to thank all the lovely people who helped me to prepare for the programme. I was sent a rough outline of the show content earlier, so I had to get ready some content of my own, but the problem was having to say everything in Chinese. Thankfully, I could count on my principal (of my nail school, The Pink Room International Nail Academy) to help me with the technical terms and to help me run through what I would say. Principal Rachel sacrificed her time the night before the filming to meet up with me and Jenrine!




Thank you Rachel for taking the time to help me and making me feel so much better! I’m also really glad for the structured curriculum at Pink Room, because the theory classes provided me with the knowledge to better handle the questions that I got during the show!

Actually, the only bad part about appearing on the show is that I was super nervous about speaking in Chinese, and sometimes I wanted to say something but couldn’t think quickly enough about how to say it in Chinese, so I ended up keeping quiet because the topic would change very quickly as the celebrities moved on to talking about other things. I was cringing as I watched myself on the show because I know I came across as a little awkward and unsure, but I really wasn’t, deep inside!

The funny thing is… my alma mater was Nanyang Girls’ High School – yes, a SAP school, and I took Higher Chinese. I feel so bad about disappointing my teachers with my terribly limited vocabulary, but at the same time, I really want to thank them for drilling us in han yu pin yin because at least my enunciation and pronunciation are decent enough to hide my overall poor command of the language. Sigh!

Most of all… I want to thank JENRINE! She has been the most awesome partner ever and so very supportive, helping me in every way possible. Apart from helping me run through the show content, she also accompanied me to the filming, loaned me some things for my outfit (she has a more awesome wardrobe, clearly), and was just the most amazing pillar of support. Here we are waiting at the Mediacorp lobby with the board showcasing our work!


And this picture is courtesy of Jenrine, who sneakily shot me piling on the makeup before filming:


And then sneakily helping to take a behind-the-scenes shot for memory’s sake:


I’m just in awe at how selfless and generous she is with using her time to help me… she really is the best partner I could hope for!


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