Episode Summary – Nailing It episode on Ladies’ Nite!

XinMSN is so efficient! The video was uploaded almost immediately after the show aired, and you can watch it here!

Now, I’m going to run through my part on the show!

Firstly, I had to do some poses for the introductory segment. This is probably the best time to catch my full outfit, with hat and heels provided by Jenrine! I had to wear a hat because some parts of my hair were blue at this time, and it would have interfered with the blue-screen filming (making my hair invisible). As for the heels, they were awesome Jeffrey Campbell shoes, crazy-high and super studded with gold spikes…







(My surname, though, is actually 王…)

Then came the proper appearance – myself together with the other invited nail industry guest, Jess. Months earlier, when I was approached to do the show, I didn’t know who else would be on the show, and the writer and producer of the show were asking Jenrine and myself if we knew of any famous nail industry people they could feature. Actually, we couldn’t think of anyone and we all agreed that the nail industry in Singapore doesn’t really have celebrities, unlike the hair industry (you immediately think of David Gan or Andy Lee) or the makeup industry (the names Clarence Lee and Larry Yeo come to mind).

I feel honoured and lucky to be chosen, and I’m guessing it’s because of my portfolio of media/magazine work (J Diary/The Weekender/Her World/Female/Simply Her/The New Paper on Sunday), the popularity of my FB/Instagram/website (3,800 fans/5,800 followers/1,000 hits daily), and my focus on nail art (thousands of designs done!) that I was asked.

I then found out about a week or two before the filming that I would be filming together with Jess, and as I had bumped into her on a few occasions, and knew of her as a nail instructor and accomplished competitor with several trophies under her belt, plus the fact that she had appeared on another TV show previously (HDB Tai Tai), I wasn’t surprised at the choice. 🙂


We were asked about the latest nail trends, so I started describing some based on the designs that I had brought along with me. Do note though that the filming was done over a month ago, so these trends are a little outdated now. The transparent base look is still in though!



Then we moved on to the celebrity guests sharing some of their products and tips. When Ericia showed us her glitter polish, I suggested using it for a glitter gradient look with a nude base, as that would be a simple and glamorous DIY nail art look. With a nude base, you don’t need to worry about being neat in your application! It’s great for beginners. 🙂



Later one, when host Zoe shared a matte top coat, I shared about how the matte look can be hot with nail art. We’re not supposed to show brands on the show, but it should be ok to do that here, right? I shared the Chalkboard Nails kit by Ciate (you can get it at Sephora), which comes with a black polish, a matte top coat, and some coloured pens so you can scribble on the matte black base colour and it dries to look just like chalk doodles on a blackboard. Cool!



Then, when talking about cuticle care, I shared two products by Sally Hansen (available at Watsons) to soften and dissolve excess cuticles for easy removal – a balm that is gentler, and a gel that is fast-acting.


I recommended using an orange stick to gently push back the cuticles and to be careful with sensitive, thin skin.


Next, when talking about the rough skin on the soles of our feet, I introduced a foot spray called “Happy Feet” (available at The Pink Room International Nail Academy) that would soften the dead skin before you can easily remove it with a metal foot file (also available at Pink Room).


Finally, I did a gel nail art demonstration on Rebecca to showcase some of the nail art trends I spoke about earlier. I chose a transparent shimmery base, then did geometric art in pale pastel colours, and added super on-trend embellishments from Japan (including the popular seashell charms!).






Most of the work was actually done before the filming started. Poor Rebecca had to have a delayed and rushed dinner because Jenrine and I were prepping her nails. First, we had to soak off her existing gel nails, then shape her nails and clean her cuticles, and then do the nail art on 8 nails, leaving 2 for the demonstration.

On the show, I was asked how long it would take to do the set, and I answered two hours – it’s actually two hours only if you also have to soak off gel nails, then get a classic gel mani done with all the nail art, with more complex designs. I really wanted to do full geometric nails for Rebecca but due to time constraints (we only had an hour to do the soak off and new gel nails with art), I simplified everything. So… for this exact set, without any soak off, I would say it would take 1 hour 15 minutes, and cost $115 at The Nail Artelier.


The cuticle oil I’m applying here is the Angel Pro Shining Oil (Angel Pro Shining Oil is specially treated and triple refined to produce the “pore-penetrating” effect when applied onto the UV-cured gel nails. The fragrance free oil can seep through AngelPro gels to reach & nourish the natural nail plates beneath. When used with Angel Pro gels, this specially formulated shining oil can revive the gel dullness to it’s original high shine! In the market’s cuticle oil is unable to achieve this effect. Angel Pro Shining Oil also acts as a cuticle moisturizer and protection when applied to the nails; this oil is safe on the skin and lips too.), available at Pink Room.


If you like stickers (as used by Jess on her own nails and in her pedi art demo on Zhou Ying), we can do that even more quickly as it’s just pasting of stickers and embellishments, with no drawing required. Like Jess said, an hour is enough. 🙂


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