Preparing for Pink Room Cup

If you’ve been wondering why I seem to be obsessed with extensions lately, here’s the answer — I signed up for the Pink Room Cup, and one of the categories I’m competing in is acrylic extensions. Working on my own extensions skills has made me reflect on extensions in general, which is why I’ve been writing about extensions.

I always feel thankful for opportunities to stretch myself and take up new challenges. Where extensions are concerned, I know I can do good extensions thanks to the excellent education I received at the Pink Room International Nail Academy and the stringent exams that I had to pass (and with a Distinction grade for all of them too #humblebrag). BUT all along, I’ve only been doing very straightforward extensions (clear sculpture, clear tip overlay, one-tone glitter gradient and french sculpture) and even when I decided to learn more by attending a design sculpture class by Ecsalonce, there was only time to learn and try different designs, not to do a full set.

Can you imagine my shock/terror/delight when I found out that my nail school, The Pink Room International Nail Academy, was holding a nail competition, and that I would have to do two-tone gradient sculpture extensions for the acrylic extensions category since I would be in the Senior category?

It wasn’t that it was difficult, just that it wasn’t something that I had tried, so I wasted no time at all in doing them on my wonderful acrylic extensions nail model, Ann. She even took some photos during the process!




And here are some pictures I took of the end result.






*Note: I was just trying out various colour combinations and these nails were not done strictly in accordance with the competition rules. I also did not buff the nails to a high shine finish but merely filed them to shape and added gel top coat for shine. I set out to achieve different objectives for each practice session, and as this was only the first session, my main concern was the two-tone gradient and getting the form-fitting done right, and paid little attention to other areas like speed, filing shape and c-curve.

I don’t have much time for practice because I will be away for two weeks to Chicago/New York/Tokyo in October and will only return to Singapore on the day before the competition. Besides, I don’t want to harm my model’s nails with too many practice sessions (I will only be working with her once every three weeks, making it a grand total of 4 sessions), so that, with the jetlag that I will no doubt be suffering from on my return, means the odds are stacked against me. Please wish me luck – I need all the luck I can get!


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Pink Room Cup

  1. Elyse says:

    I’m sure that with practice you’ll do well, I already love all your work and wish Belgium wasnt so far away from Singapore xD if ever one day I get there i want my nails done by you ^^

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