Review: Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

This product was sent to me for use. This is not a paid review or advertisement and the views contained in this post are entirely my own.

Three (!) years ago, I reviewed a cuticle remover product by Sally Hansen here. If you didn’t know, Sally Hansen has a wide range of DIY nailcare products, and for cuticle remover products alone, there are a few options to choose from! The Instant Cuticle Remover I reviewed years ago is still being sold in stores, and I do believe it’s the fastest-acting one too – so strong that there’s a warning not to leave it on for too long or to use it too often! The gel one that I’m reviewing today is interesting – it’s also fast-acting, but also promises to be gentler and moisturising.

To show its effect, my boyfriend reluctantly agreed volunteered to be my model. I usually clean his cuticles for him every few days because they get absolutely out of control if you leave them alone for too long. Usually, I use the Blue Cross cuticle softener that pretty much every nail salon uses. Here are his cuticles after two weeks of neglect.


First, I squeezed some gel out all around his cuticles and left it on for 1-2 minutes as recommended.


One good thing about using this gel cuticle remover compared to my usual liquid cuticle softener (Blue Cross) is that it doesn’t evaporate, leaving behind stubborn cuticles that refuse to budge. The gel stays there, so the cuticles stay softened, and I happily push them back with a metal pusher. Behold the gunk:


Unfortunately, because his cuticles were just so thick, I couldn’t just wipe them off after pushing them back. I had to use cuticle nippers to trim them. I don’t recommend that you do this if you don’t know how to use cuticle nippers, because it is all too easy to cut yourself, or to end up with hangnails because of jagged cuts instead of clean, smooth cuts. I applied some cuticle oil and he was good to go! Absolutely cleaned up!


While this product really works, I don’t recommend it for ladies who have overgrown cuticles, stubborn cuticles, or who have never had their cuticles professionally trimmed. This is because it only works to some extent to soften the cuticles, but if you have a lot of excess cuticle, you definitely need nippers to snip off the excess! However, if you’re willing to be patient and use this product twice a week, you’ll probably be able to make more progress each time by just pushing and wiping without cutting.


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