Gel Mani: Cinderella Stockings

Over at The Nail Artelier, our three full-time nailists take turns to blog. That means I only blog about my work once every three days. It’s a good idea because we split the load of blogging, which means less effort/time needed per person! However, it also means I now have a massive backlog of designs that are waiting to be shared. Can you believe that I have work done two months ago, still waiting to be shared? So, I’ve decided to sieve out the most interesting ones and save them for The Nail Artelier’s official website, and share the rest here.

That *should* be good news to all of you nail art lovers who’ve been following my blog, because there will finally be fresh nail art content from now on!

So here goes the first…

Now, we usually associate Cinderella with the colour blue, but this customer of mine actually did Cinderella-themed black nails!


She really liked the stocking effect (black translucent polish with opaque black details) but also wanted Cinderella designs drawn on, so that resulted in this set!


I like how you don’t realise it’s a Cinderella-themed set until you look closely at the details – makes for a pleasant surprise. 🙂

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