The Nail Artelier’s Promotion Art Sets for August!


From 15 August to 14 September, when you get a manicure done at The Nail Artelier, you can get any of the following sets of art done for just an additional $25/set! That means…

Express manicure ($10) + promo art ($25) = $35
Classic manicure ($28) + promo art ($25) = $53
Gel manicure ($55) + promo art ($25) = $80


The first set is super sweet, with a mix of floral stickers and embellishments. You can pick from our large collection of charms if you like instead of sticking to the pearl ribbon we displayed here!

The second set is funky and interesting – did you notice that the stripey nails have a multi-coloured border? We’ve also embellished the rest of the nails with square neon studs.

The third set is so cheery we can’t help smiling at the smiley faces! And if that isn’t enough to make you smile, perhaps the tiny flowers will!

Now, for the glamorous ladies out there, you’ll love the baroque swirls we’ve done for the fourth set, and the subtle luxury of the black base and details contrasting with the metallic colours!

Finally, we’ve got a girly set that will be perfect for girls who love ribbons and colours!

And because I’m sure you’re curious to see how these look like on actual nails, here are just some of the sets that we’ve done so far:

Do note that a few of these sets are variations and the customers topped up the difference in value for the changes!

Remember, these sets are on promotion only until 14 September, so do call us at 62988028 to book your appointments and take advantage of this fantastic offer!


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