Review: 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Haji Lane

NOTE: This is not a sponsored advertorial. I paid for all the services mentioned, but I do get a discounted rate as a fellow Haji Lane tenant.

Remember my post about my new hair done at Salon Vim?

Well, ever since Jenrine and I opened our shop at Haji Lane, I’ve been hanging out a lot at 99 Percent Hair Studio since it’s practically next door. It’s located at 40 Haji Lane and we’re at 48 Haji Lane, so it’s really convenient for me to just pop in for a quick wash and blow whenever I have a break!

Okay it’s confession time – since I discovered 99 Percent Hair Studio two months ago, I’ve only washed hair on my own ONCE. 😦 The problem with my hair is that it only looks good with a proper blow-dry and I really suck at that. When I had longer hair and it was rebonded, I didn’t have any problems just washing it and letting it air dry, but after I cut it, it was a real mess. Firstly, my rebonding had grown out so my roots were wavy. Then, because the ends were rebonded, they would hang stiffly and not curl in nicely. Since 99 Percent had really affordable rates, and since I don’t wash my hair often (my scalp is pretty dry and I can get away with not washing my hair for a few days without it looking greasy), I decided to just go to 99 Percent every time I needed a hair wash!

FYI: My hair is pretty thick, plus dry and fried from the many chemical processes I’ve done, and the individual strands are also pretty stubborn, with a bit of wave. Yet, the wonderful stylists at 99 Percent never fail to make my hair look silky smooth!


After a few weeks, I decided to take the plunge and get my hair coloured. Like, REALLY CRAZY COLOURS. I was torn between pink/purple and blue/green, so I just left myself entirely in the capable hands of my stylist Jaron. He suggested -gulp- an assymetrical bob, with a hidden section of turquoise underneath the longer side, and then two layers of colour on the shorter side, with a bright blue over a dark blue. He also told me that the lighter blue would fade to green while the darker blue would fade to purple and then to pink. I was frankly terrified but in the spirit of adventure… I said ok!

Here’s the bleaching process:



And then came the colours!



I actually took some videos on Instagram to show the process.

The blue was really vibrant, and even more so under direct sunlight!


For the first time in my life, I had outrageous hair – and I was getting stares everywhere I went. I loved the colours but I also felt a little self-conscious about the stares, so I switched the parting a little to get more blue over to the other side, so that it looks like highlights.


I was worried that the colours would fade very quickly, but they didn’t! I guess it helped that I don’t wash my hair very often, but maybe it’s the hair dye they use as well. Unlike other salons, 99 Percent doesn’t use Manic Panic. I didn’t catch the name, but it’s apparently some organic hair colour that doesn’t harm the hair and yet has brilliant colours. Try it to believe it! This was how it looked after about two weeks:


And this is me now after about 5 weeks! As Jaron had said, my colours have faded beautifully and I feel like I have rainbow hair! It makes me so happy just looking at it. It goes from hues of blue to green to dark blue to purple to magenta… and apparently it will be getting more pink in time to come!






The funny thing is, my hair doesn’t even feel damaged. Previously, I’d been so worried about having to bleach my hair – and all the stylists I encountered at various salons were against me bleaching my hair because of how damaged my hair was from all the rebonding and colouring I’d done. 99 Percent was the ONLY one that let me bleach my hair and they only had to bleach it once to get this effect.

And… the prices are so decent!


If you want crazy colours, they don’t charge you based on the number of colours you do. It’s a flat rate, inclusive of bleaching. I heard there was even a lady who did SEVEN colours at one go!

Plus, they are all such nice people – friendly, gentle, knowledgeable… and the shop is beautifully done up in a very eco-friendly concept.



I can’t gush enough about how wonderful they are, so you really have to give them a try to believe it!

Find 99 Percent Hair Studio:
40 Haji Lane
Tel: 63963667

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