New hair and new makeup!

If you’re living in Singapore like I am, you’ll know that the weather has been unbearable. The heat is literally scorching and to top it off, the air is so humid that you can’t step out without breaking into a sweat immediately. That’s why I decided to just chop off my long, long hair and try out a bob hairstyle for a change!

I also thought that short hair would allow me to experiment more with crazy hair colours (if bleached to death, it can just be chopped off again). Thus, I went to Salon Vim because it does such a great job at crazy colours (have you seen the crazy colours on my friend Evonne?) and I opted for a director’s cut because… well, it’s a big deal to go from long to super short, so I didn’t want to risk anything going wrong! My stylist was Jamie and she did such a great job! I’m loving my bob now, especially with a professional blow dry!


It’s longer in front so it frames my face, and much shorter at the back so it doesn’t touch my neck. What a relief in this hot weather!


Psst. The first two pictures above were taken with the Beauty Skin mode of my camera, so that explains the glowy skin. Of course, the makeup helped too! I’m wearing a full face of Lancôme makeup, with the exception of my brows (Shu Uemura brow brow pencil), concealer (MAC), and powder (ZA two-way foundation).


Here, you can see my real skin, pores and all! I’m wearing Lancôme Mat Miracle liquid foundation. It really lasted me all day! I had it on in the morning and it still looked great and didn’t shine even at night. It has a super light consistency and spread easily, but gave good coverage in evening out my skin tone. My freckles could still be seen, but I guess I need a heavy duty concealer for them.


I used two coats of Lancôme Hypnose mascara and I like how it doesn’t clump, but gives extra volume and definition to my skimpy lashes (they’re a little sparse and uneven in length right now because I did eyelash extensions for a few months in a row and they’re recovering now). It also doesn’t weigh down the lashes and holds a curl well. (I used my Shu Uemura eyelash curler first before applying the mascara.)

For the cheeks, I used Lancôme Blush Subtil Rose in 30 Rose Melba and it’s really very subtle. I found it to have more shimmer than colour, so I would prefer something a little less sheer. For the eyes, I used Lancôme Ombre Hypnose in Sorbet Rose, Pepite Douce and Perle Ambree, which are soft and sheer natural shades, but with extra shimmer to make the eyes sparkle. I also lined my eyes with Lancôme Liner Plume – it’s a liquid eyeliner with a skinny tip so it’s really easy to wing out the liner.

Finally, the lips – I was testing out a few shades so I’m not quite sure which shades are shown in these pictures. I used Lancôme Rouge in Love as well as Lancôme Gloss in Love shades on my lips, and I loved all of them! The lipsticks were creamy and moisturising while the glosses were opaque and shiny. I’ll blog about the lip colours in a separate post and include all the swatches!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the nails… They’re Lancôme too! Lancôme is releasing its Vernis in Love line in June, and the polishes are really a dream to work with. Most of them are opaque enough in just one coat, and as the brush is bigger than most brushes, a single dip into the bottle picks up enough polish to coat an entire nail. It also applies very smoothly, making it easy for DIYers. I have to say, though, that the bottle is really tiny, but then again, if it’s for personal use and not salon use, it’s more than enough.

Till the next!

5 thoughts on “New hair and new makeup!

  1. asstha says:

    you chopped off ur long locks… omg… u look absolutely gorgeous hun. miss hving my nails done by u. many congrats on the opening of ur own shop. can’t wait to visit. hopefully can get a slot sometime in Aug when I’m down. Take care huns 😉

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