Embracing change!

Hi everyone!

It’s been so long since I last blogged anything personal here – it’s pretty sad, because I started this blog to chronicle my journey with nail art, and along the way, my passion became my job, and life became a routine rather than an adventure. I got so busy with work that I didn’t have enough time to catch 8 hours of sleep daily, which resulted in me being either cranky or sick. I didn’t have time for my friends or my boyfriend either, because I was working myself too hard.

Then, as I got better at what I was doing, it became less challenging and exciting, and felt more like a chore. I was, in a nutshell, stuck in a rut. I desperately needed something new to keep me occupied. I guess I’m a sadomasochistic workaholic at heart.

That’s why I jumped at the various opportunities that presented themselves to me in April and May – from collaborations with local female magazines to projects with international beauty brands, I threw myself into them all. The biggest decision I made in this period was to venture out of my comfort zone (operating from home) to open a salon with my partner Jenrine. That has certainly kept me very busy and I’m so happy to announce that our salon will be open for business from 15 June!


It’s called The Nail Artelier (atelier with an extra ‘r’ to emphasise that we’re all about art, on top of the connotations of the word atelier, which refers to a studio where fine craft is created) and it’s located at 48 Haji Lane, which is an amazingly vibrant neighbourhood and truly one of the coolest places to be at. You can see our website here and our facebook page here!

I’ll try to update here as well, but with more personal content and some of my favourite works, and if you’re looking for more designs, do hop on over to the new website as we will be updating that almost daily with designs!

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