Gel Mani: McDonald’s-Themed Birthday Nails!

Polishes used:

– Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #21 (pink), #9 (yellow), #34 (red), #47 (white), #29 (black), #10 (green), #17 (purple), #30 (reddish brown), #141 (dark brown), #25 (blue) and #32 (mustard).

The Nail Artelier

Good morning everyone!

Today, I’m sharing this super fun set of birthday nails I did recently. My client hosted her birthday party at McDonald’s, hence the request for a set of matching nails. Isn’t it such a cute idea?


It was a customisation request as she provided me with reference pictures of McDonald’s characters like The Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald! She also asked for a three-tier birthday cake to be painted on her thumb, and a girl holding a balloon on another thumb.


Can you spot the cheeseburger and the french fries too?


She also had a super cute pedi design done, but I think I’ll save that for another day. 😉


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