Customisation: Sentimental Circus

Did this set for Jenrine’s sister, who loves Sentimental Circus!

This was based on a Sentimental Circus diary that she showed me. One of the pages had a keyboard design with the circus animals dancing and balancing on it, so I converted that into a nail design!


The base is Gelish Desert Sands, then Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #39 (pale pink) for the tips, then #47 (white) for the keyboard and stripes, and #32 (mustard) for the keys. I then did the details using acrylic paint!

Finally, I sculpted two of the characters onto the thumbs, using coloured acrylic powders from Angel Pro. For Shappo, it was a little more difficult than the elephant because I had to make a golden trumpet first and then add it to the nail. I was glad to have an opportunity to do some proper 3D art!

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