Customisation: Totoro

Super cute customisation request for Totoro-themed nails!

If you do a search for Totoro nails, you’ll find quite a lot of results. However… none of them appear to be done by professional nail artists, as the proportions are a little off, or the details are a little rough. I was delighted that this customer said she came to me because she knew I would be able to customise Totoro nails accurately for her! So, I did my best to follow the pictures of Totoro (NOT the Totoro nails done by others but the actual Totoro cartoon)…


For this set, I used Gelish Desert Sands as a base, then did all the art with Angel Pro Gelly Polish, in #47 (white), #29 (black), #32 (mustard – but mixed it with #47 to lighten it), #31 (brown), #15 (dark grey) and #13 (coral pink).


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