Customisation: Wreck It Ralph

This was a customisation request from Brena, who wanted Wreck It Ralph-themed nails!

Brena wanted Venelope and Ralph on her thumbs, and since the movie is set partly in the game Sugar Rush, where the landscape is fully of candy treats, we chose to do candy drips on the rest of the nails. The drips were based on a design that Jenrine did earlier on herself!


For the candy drip nails, I used Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #47 (white) as the base, then #72 (pink), #76 (green), #77 (blue) and #141 (dark brown) for the art.

For the thumbs, all the art was done with Angel Pro Gelly Polish as well! I used #4 (nude), #31 (brown), #141 (dark brown), #32 (mustard), #18 (orange), #47 (white), #21 (pink), #23 (hot pink), #77 (blue), and #76 (green). I mixed some of these colours to get custom in-between shades because I had to do some blending, and add highlights and shadows.


Loving this set! I’ve changed the way I label my blog posts to send a clearer idea of what constitutes customisation. For the faces, it’s a customisation request as it was based on a cartoon and I had to translate it into a nail design, plus it involves a tedious process of curing many colours step by step and a fair amount of blending, highlighting and shading. So, the thumbs would cost $15-$20 per nail. However, the rest of the nails are based on an existing nail design and didn’t require any extra work on my part, so they were charged normally (approximately $2-$3 per nail).


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