Mobile Nail Party Services for Qiuting!

My friends and I were super excited about being part of Qiuting‘s hen night, but we didn’t want to spoil the surprise by talking about it before it actually happened… And Qiuting blogged about it recently! You can see her post here!

Here’s a collage of the nails we did that night!


The bridesmaids really liked the stickers we provided for the party! Shona did the Angel set using Sha Nail Pro stickers, Felicia did the white vintage floral set with ultra-realistic Japanese stickers, and Jenrine did the French tips with ribbon stickers from Sha Nail Pro.

I did Qiuting’s glitter tips as well as her sister’s super cute polka with floral lace heart and pig nails! A closer look:


This was done with Gelish Desert Sands as the base, then Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #39 (pale pink) for the base colour of the pig, and #29 (black) and #47 (white) for the details. I used #21 (pink) as the base for the rest of the nails, and for the polka dots and floral design, I used #47 (white), #21 (pink), and #10 (green).

This set was also based on a Cynful Nails design!

We had a great time – Qiuting was the nicest host ever, and took such nice pictures and blogged about us so quickly!

If you’d like to book us for your own party, or just a house call with your friends, you can do so here!


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